Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Buttons: Hussar Regiments Kingdom of Westphalia

Hussar buttons made generally known by the model for this kind of troops. Given the similarity of the hussar uniforms in various armies of the world of that period. On such uniform number buttons reached about 80 pieces. Size of the button could be different. In the center of the larger diameter buttons sewn on the edge of going smaller.

All buttons were in the form of a sphere or hemisphere. Basically, hussar uniforms for the French army is characterized by the buttons in the form of a sphere.

Buttons Westphalian hussars almost all were made in the form of a hemisphere and were made of the same size. A characteristic feature is the production of white metal buttons. Only a small part was made from tin alloy. Another feature is the decoration field buttons with various ornaments.

Manufacturing method of soldering buttons produced the top of the hemisphere to the brass base with a steel or brass eyelet. There were options with a hemisphere of white metal and filled tin alloy steel ear.

Buttons 1 st and 2nd regiments did not differ among themselves.

Presented buttons were found on the front line outposts Westphalian hussars under Mozhaiskom. These buttons are found at the crossing of the Berezina and further along the road of retreat to Vilna.

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